[NJPW] enthusiasts involved in KENTA controversy KENTA’s action was praised by bad fans (#njnbg)

New Japan Pro Wrestling “THE NEW BEGINNIG (#njnbg)” 2.8 Edion Arena Osaka’s main event was a fierce battle, and Tetsuya Naito defeated KENTA for the first defense.
After the game, there was a happening where fans complaining about KENTA appeared, but it was a culmination of the feeling that KENTA had been feeling around for the past month.


I felt it was a moment when the bad end was created by the manners of watching fans, but who is that man?


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THE NEW BEGINNIG(#njnbg) KENTA disperses with Naito Tetsuya’s first defense


The grudges of Tetsuya Naito and KENTA, which began on the 1/5 Tokyo Dome “Wrestle Kingdom 14”, once ended on 2/8 Osaka.


In the early stages of the game, KENTA had a loose time to fight, but the game began to move gradually with out-of-field fights and rough fights.


Naito became a bloodshed from the beginning, but Hiromu Takahashi and others prevented the intrusion of the Bullet Club, and Tetsuya Naito defended for the first time.。


As a result, on the anniversary of the launch, the match between IWGP heavyweight championship champion Tetsuya Naito and IWGP junior heavyweight champion Hiromu Takahashi will be intense for matchmaking as usual.


A dream match called the same gate confrontation is imminent, but there have been many fans who have been offended by the manners of the fans and the act of accusing one player by SNS during the past month.


A male fan appears in KENTA after a game with rant

After the match between Naito and KENTA, some fans came to KENTA who just finished the match.


This is reflected in NJPW World Live Distribution, and controversy is spreading among fans.


The male fan


“Is this the main game?””Refund”


It was whispering to KENTA to the effect that the audience around was quietly calm down.


Fans who have watched the game more than once will know that there will be endless matches of cheap regional seats and rich matches, as well as big matches and ringside seats. I think it depends on the color of the group.


This can be said not only for professional wrestling but also for other sports and entertainment, but if you did not intentionally take it seriously, it is still the worst scene of seeking a refund from the player who just finished the game Oops.


Although KENTA responded easily, it was not a big deal, but it would be a truly serious situation.


KENTA’s evaluation voice and some actions after the game that moved the fans’ emotions


KENTA’s game style has been described by many fans as “like an old Naito”.


I don’t know if I was conscious of Naito in the past, but it’s a sight that I often see how to fight to slash your opponent’s will.

Did that fan dislike this tactic?


Just as Naito became charismatic as L.I.J, we don’t know what KENTA will be like in the future.


He couldn’t control himself, but it’s a shame that fans would make bad ends this way.



If that man had been cheering for Naito, he would have 100 points to fight as a KENTA heel.

In addition, it was confirmed that Naito, who won the triumphant victory when leaving Hanamichi, applauded a little and praised him.

Perhaps something that only the players who fought knew could have sprung up. As an Ichi player, it’s a 100 point action and I feel professional.


KENTA also tweeted that he seemed to have responded as a heel.



After the game, some voices have evaluated KENTA’s game and this month.



However, this will not end the heel KENTA.

What will happen next?

However, the fans themselves must not lose sight of being our fans with players.


Fan’s reaction “I’m applauding Naito a little”


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