Reason why SANADA wants to change World Tag League schedule To make IWGP tag better than IWGP heavyweight

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L.I.J’s SANADA / EVIL team is seen as the top candidate for World Tag League 2019 (WTL2019) held at New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


It seems to be definitive to advance to the winning match, but SANADA seems to have requested a change in the schedule of the World Tag League in front of the media (for New Japan Pro Wrestling).


The reason for the request was so good that there were quite a few fans who agreed with it.

When I think about the strategy of New Japan Pro Wrestling, I feel that this is a more difficult problem than I imagined.


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Reasons for SANADA’s request to change the schedule of the World Tag League


L.I.J’s SANADA / EVIL team is a candidate for winning the World Tag League 2019.

All that remains is to leave the final Hiroshima tournament, and Tama Tonga & Tanga Roa and Juice Finley are chasing.


Moreover, the final game may be an official game with the Juice Finley team, and if you lose here, there is a possibility that you will be involved in a winning game.


It seems that SANADA requested a change in the schedule of the World Tag League.


The uncomfortable feeling I felt as a fan.

However, the idea of ​​New Japan Pro Wrestling that wants to have no impact on the cards of players who are preparing for the main event or the main event class big match just ahead of the Tokyo Dome tournament is reasonable.


SANADA has four strengths: Okada Kazuchika, Ibushi Kota, Jay White, and Tetsuya Naito, who have already decided the IWGP heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental Championship games at Wrestle Kingdom.


Hiroshi Tanahashi has decided a special game against Chris Jericho, but is participating in the league game because of the non-title game.

The reason for the request from SANADA is simple: the above four strong points are worthy of winning the tag league in the absence and can be called the real strongest tag team.


Is the difference between the Tokyo Dome decision group and the difference between the IWGP heavyweight and IWGP tags equal?


In the past, a system that was unthinkable in the world’s strongest tag league match that had been held at All Japan Pro Wrestling more than 20 years ago was introduced.


In the opening game of the strongest tag league in the world, the tag champion team at that time returned the throne and participated in the league.

In other words, no matter how long, it was impossible to hold the World Tag Team for more than a year.


If you think in a good direction, you can say that many teams have the chance to win and become the world tag throne without waiting for the challenge right.


However, this system was born by Mitsuharu Misawa’s five crowns.

In 2001, Keiji Muto became the 6th crowned champion, holding the IWGP tag in addition to the 5 crowns of all-Japan professional wrestling.


Both players were genuine in strength and popularity at the time, and the players with the single and tag throne would still be “strongest”.


Recently, however, New Japan Pro-Wrestling has cherished the single throne (does it matter more?)

I really value the Tokyo Dome tournament.

This is natural in terms of management, and this is the same for other organizations.


I want to include the strongest single, the strongest junior, the strongest tag in the Tokyo Dome tournament.


But this idea is also the biggest reason why single champions can’t get into the tag league.

This is because if a player holds more than one belt, he has to scrape something in the tournament.

If that happens, the players related to the single title will be given priority and removed from the tag league.


In other words, this idea may be misunderstood as the tag throne is inferior to the single throne.

First, the Tag Throne will never be the main dome, and IWGP heavyweight will be the best to prove the “strongest man” that Antonio Inoki raised.


However, it is important to cherish the game format that only professional wrestling called “tag match”, which is not found in any sport or martial arts, and many players shine in tag match.


By the way, I love teams that are single but not good at tagging.


My favorite in the past is Tatsutoshi Goto and Michiyoshi Ohara.


Although they were criticized by Masahiro Chono as a “losing dog”, they became champions in the tag.
On the other hand, what I think is the strongest, but I don’t like it very much is the tag between the players in the champion class.


For example, Masahiro Chono and Keiji Muto in the nWo era, super-generation army Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, and Stanhansen Vader.

A sense of foul


SANADA, who hasn’t reached the IWGP heavyweight class, has a lot of fans at the moment.


Let’s go back to the story, but what happens if the tag league is held after the Tokyo Dome tournament, as requested by SANADA players?

It will be a content that can be called the World Tag League, including IWGP Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Intercontinental Champion, and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.


However, just as the G1 climax winner will win the IWGP heavyweight challenge at Tokyo Dome, the World Tag League winning team will not win the challenge at Tokyo Dome. There is too much time before Tokyo Dome is held.


After all, it is difficult to hold a league match for the Tokyo Dome for all singles, tags and juniors.


Hirom Takahashi and Will Osprey hope that Junior will be the main dome, but it goes without saying that the idea also feels the difference between IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Junior Heavyweight.




Hiromu Takahashi has launched “heavy class” and is trying to act with Will Osprey and others, but the tag also exceeds the heavy class in the game content and fans appeal to the organization that IWGP tag is not under IWGP heavy It may be the present condition only to go.



Is there a gap in the participating teams?


Take a look at the teams in the World Tag League.


Actually, I feel a disparity in this participating team.

For example, among the teams participating in the World Tag League 2019, speaking of the teams that usually have tags,


  • Tama Tonga & Tanga Roa
  • Togi Makabe・Tomoaki Honma
  • Yuji Nagata・Manabu Nakanishi
  • Hiroyoshi Tenzan・Satoshi Kojima




Speaking of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s tag league, however, the quick tag is also a specialty. (?)


  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henale
  • KENTA・Yujiro Takahashi
  • Shingo Takagi&Terribre
  • Taichi・Zac Saber Jr


However, there may be players who break like Henale and unexpected good teams like Taichi Zac, so I think this is fine, but it’s not likely to be a winning candidate.


This was more noticeable in the SG Tag League, the predecessor of the World Tag League.

There was also a miracle tag called Scott Norton and Osamu Kido team.


Although the forged tag has decreased considerably from the predecessor G1 tag league, it still remains.


In this case, it seems very pitiful that the tag team is not blessed with strong enough players, especially Hiroshi Tanahashi and KENTA.


I want you to manage the disparity in ability between the teams.



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