Who are the opponents of the Liger retirement match (1/5)? Does Keiichi Yamada remain in the wind of Liverpool without taking the mask off?

新日本プロレスJushin Thunder Liger, Keiichi Yamada, New Japan Pro Wrestling

Jushin Thunder Liger who will be retiring at the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Tokyo Dome Tournament “Restle Kingdom 14” held on January 4th and 5th 2020.


Let’s take a look at the retirement match II opponents at the 1.5 Tokyo Dome tournament, and whether they will return to Keiichi Yamada after taking the mask off.



Who is the opponent of the retirement match II of Jushin Thunder Liger?

Jushin Thunder Liger will be retiring in Tokyo Dome 2nd series “Wrestle Kingdom 14 (WK14)" on January 4th and 5th 2020.

Already as a retirement match in 1.4, as I already reported, eight-person match “Jushin Thunder Liger & Tatsumi Fujinami & The Great Sasuke & Tiger Mask with El Samurai vs. Naoki Sano & Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Taguchi Ryusuke with Kuniaki Kobayashi “.



As of December 3rd, there is still no card announcement for Retirement Game II, and there is no end to expectations among fans.


If it becomes a single match, for Jushin Thunder Liger, it is possible to think of a partner who is deeply sympathetic or who must slay down.


Moreover, if it becomes a tag match, it cannot be denied that there is a possibility that a junior succession match will be formed against a junior.


The names that are up in these expectations are



  • Masakatsu Funaki
  • Koji Kanamoto
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Yoshiaki Fujiwara
  • The first tiger mask
  • Hiromu Takahashi
  • Will Ospreay
  • Finn Baylor (Prince David)



Have become.


However, both Takahashi Hirom and Will Ospreay have requested the main event of Tokyo Dome in their IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match, which is likely to be less likely, but Liger himself said in the interview It is not possible to deny it because it expressed (I want to taste the tip).


In that case, I think that Masakatsu Funaki, Koji Kanamoto and Minoru Tanaka are quite rich as retirement match opponents


Koji Kanamoto commented on Reiger on Youtube.



I have always said that I wanted to play a game, and it is highly possible that I was negotiating with New Japan Pro Wrestling behind the scenes.


Also, Minoru Tanaka who teamed up as Junior Stars




And appealing their own aspirations.


Finn Baylor also talks about his feelings on Facebook.



Masakatsu Funaki hasn’t talked about anything, but the other day, the single match with Minoru Suzuki has been completed, and it seems hard to believe that Masakatsu Funaki remains strong in the heart of the Jushin Thunder Liger.




After the retirement game, it is an activity with a mask on


For about 30 years, he fought with the mask man named Jushin Thunder Liger and finished his retirement match with 1.5.


The next day’s 1.6 Ota Ward General Gymnasium competition is scheduled for a retirement ceremony.




Liger is also worried about taking off the mask after the ceremony.


After his retirement, he said at a press conference that he had already communicated his intention to the New Japan Pro Wrestling.


It seemed that New Japan Pro-Wrestling was not responding to the intention (at the time of the meeting).


Beast god Thunder Liger, who has also been a talented person with a prominent past, and if he was involved in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he walked second life as a dojo coach and commentator as Jushin Thunder Liger. It seems to be going.


This interview clearly states that he will continue to wear a mask.



Takashi Iizuka, who retired earlier, is still active in that appearance even after retirement,Moreover, Momokuro!




It seems that it is not bad to walk the character that was built in the wrestler era after retirement, and I feel that the loneliness of retirement will be eased a little.


Keiichi Yamada wonders the relationship with that man even in the wind of Liverpool


If you continue to work with the Jushin Thunder Liger’s mask, Keiichi Yamada will never return to New Japan Pro Wrestling.


Is it the “Jushin Thunder Liger” rather than “Keiichi Yamada” that will become the Dojo Manager of New Japan Pro Wrestling?


In an interview at the time


“Keiichi Yamada has become a Liverpool wind”


There is a quote that is too famous.


Although Keiichi Yamada’s return to active duty was a ghost, he sometimes felt suddenly after the impressive game with Minoru Suzuki the other day.




Minoru Suzuki’s entrance theme song “Kaze ni nare”.


It seems that Minoru Suzuki is heading for the match with Keiichi Yamada’s willingness.


Tell me why people keep looking
Endless dream tomorrow

Only the stars stare at the sad night
I kissed you to see myself
When did you catch your dreams
No one knows that

I ca n’t change anything.
Oh, In the storm
Become the wind in the shine