Is NJPW’s Corona Antibody Test Early? 3 concerns and reasons for fans #njpw

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Bushiroad, the parent company of NJPW, has announced that it will carry out a coronavirus antibody test on all players and staff belonging to its affiliates, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Stardom.

Although we have made great strides toward resuming professional wrestling, fans are worried.

In this article, I will approach the concerns about whether fans of New Japan Wrestling coronavirus antibody testing are early, fans’ anxiety, and why.


Is NJPW’s Corona Antibody Test Early? 3 concerns and reasons for fans

Bushiroad, the parent company of NJPW and Stardom, has taken a big step toward the full-fledged resumption of professional wrestling.

This means that the new coronavirus antibody test will be conducted on all the players and staff members to which they belong.

In Japan, the declaration of emergency was lifted and the number of infected people was temporarily decreasing, but the number of infected people started to increase again, and I felt the impression that wrestling would not be resumed. Is not it.

Bushiroad has announced that it is for the safety and security of athletes and performers, but wrestling fans often feel more anxious than joy.

What is the anxiety and reason?






On March 3rd, parent company Bushiroad of Shin-Nippon Pro-Wrestling and Stardom announced that they will perform antibody tests on all players, performers, and staff for the restart of the live event.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, many events have been canceled or postponed since February. Even after the declaration of emergency has been lifted, live music and professional wrestling competitions have not been held.

Under these circumstances, Bushiroad has decided to carry out antibody tests by doctors for all staff and staff to ensure the safety and security of athletes and performers. On the new day, we aim to resume all live events, such as the Stardom show, theatrical group airship performance, and Bushiroad Music live music.

This may bring us closer to the day when we can enjoy live entertainment such as professional wrestling competitions.

<Quote source:Tokyo Sports>


3 concerns and reasons fans are worried

There are many anxieties such as the following in the comment fields of SNS and news sites reported by each media.


Isn’t it early

The main purpose of carrying out the coronavirus antibody test is to resume professional wrestling.

There is no doubt that I will be happy if professional wrestling is resumed, but if I look at the infection situation in Japan (especially in metropolitan cities such as Tokyo and Osaka), I am still not at ease.

It is thought that if a crowd infection occurs and crowds enter, the wrestling that has been regaining popularity will have a bad impression, and popularity will decline again.


You may not know if you are infected with a virus even if you carry out an antibody test.

By performing a coronavirus antibody test, you can see if there are antibodies to the virus.

If you have the antibody in your blood, you will know that you have been infected with the virus so far, but you can not tell whether you are infected at the moment (it is more safe if you carry out a PCR test, but to what extent a detailed test It is unknown whether to do).

The antibody test results alone are unlikely to be a direct factor in restarting professional wrestling.


It’s inevitable that crowds will be included

Even if the athletes and staff involved in professional wrestling are not infected by the virus at all, professional wrestling is completed with a sense of unity with the audience.

By putting the audience in the venue, there is a risk of infection, players who were not infected at all are infected, and the worst scenario of wrestling cancellation again cannot be denied.

It would be okay for the audience to perform all PCR tests, but it seems impossible at this time…



Do you want to hold a spectator match without holding an unspectator match for the G1 climax?


Some fans also said, “I think it’s better to be an unaided person” or “It’s enough if an unaided person can see New Japan Pro Wrestling”.

Only wrestling can fill the feeling of becoming a wrestling loss, but it may be that there is not enough motive power to accept wrestling again, because the wrestling entertainment causes infection.

As New Japan Pro Wrestling, we would like to take steps towards the G1 climax in the fall, but now we need to make important decisions.



If you summarize this article,


  • Bushiroad announced that it will carry out a coronavirus antibody test on all players and staff of Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Stardom.
  • Fans are worried about prematureness, the significance of antibody testing, and the risk of crowding by bringing spectators into the venue
  • I would like to gradually increase the number of spectators toward the G1 climax, but at this point it may be better to have no spectators

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