KENTA and Hirooki Goto’s Twitter is interesting.I can cry when I anticipate the real purpose

2019年12月3日新日本プロレスHirooki Goto, KENTA, New Japan Pro Wrestling

There are two people who are fighting hot battles in parallel with the Tuck League at the “World Tuck League 2019” held at New Japan Pro Wrestling.


KENTA player of Barrett Club and Hirooki Goto player of CHAOS.


KENTA’s repeated intrusion and a little bit, the man, Hirooki Goto seems to have finally run out of endurance bags, but the World Tuck League has entered the final stage, and Hirooki Goto is rolled on the palm of KENTA players I get even the impression.


This “KENTA Theater” is just as interesting as the “Onita Theater” that was unfolded by New Japan Pro Wrestling in the late 1990s.


Intense competition between KENTA and Gotohiro (Hirooki Goto) in World Tuck League 2019


In the final series of 2019, New Japan Pro-Wrestling “World Tag League 2019", the attention of SANADA / EVIL team to achieve their third straight victory is attracting attention.


What I want to pay attention to this time is the conflict between KENTA and Hirooki Goto that broke out in parallel with World Tag League 2019.


The battle between KENTA and Hirooki Goto recalls the IWGP Intercontinental Championship Championship held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium on November 3rd. I remember the game where Hirooki Goto lost after rushing in.




Milan Collection AT’s broadcast seat


“What are you doing KENTA!"


The cry of was exactly speaking of the feelings of the viewers and fans who were watching the game at the venue.


What is the current comfort of Barrett Club for KENTA who was active as Hideo Itami at WWE?


For the KENTA who was at the top of pro-wrestling Noah with a strong kick that knocks down heavyweight players despite being a junior figure, this is a bullet club with Jay White as the boss for KENTA, who currently has a strong image of No.2.


For Noah’s fans, it was the best ideal to get back to Noah, but with the New Japan Pro-Wrestling as the main battlefield, there would be no doubt that it would be lonely.


Noah’s genius, Naomichi Marufuji, is also disappointed.



At the same time, there may be a desire to take the top position in New Japan Pro Wrestling to prove Noah’s strength.


However, KENTA’s target is Hirooki Goto, who cannot be said to be the top player of New Japan Pro-Wrestling today.


Why was it Hirooki Goto rather than Kazuchika Okada or Hiroshi Tanahashi?



KENTA and Hirooki Goto’s Twitter is interesting


KENTA and Hirooki Goto are struggling not only on the ring and backstage, but also on Twitter.


KENTA’s excellent return is intriguing to the hot tweet of Hirooki Goto who has serious roots.



Reminiscent of the Onita Theater that once made a big topic outside of the ring at New Japan Pro Wrestling, this KENTA Theater is also being staged on Twitter. And it is a great evaluation that does not involve ordinary people


Keep an eye out for the TV and Internet battles.



What did you feel about KENTA’s depth and thoughts about Noah?



The KENTA that you want to do at the Barrett Club now has a little composition with Hirooki Goto, and it looks like it’s a little bit.


However, I want you to check this comment after KENTA.



I can’t deny the language, but I don’t think I’m trying to wake up Hirooki Goto who hasn’t been able to break the shell yet and hasn’t become a “rough warrior".

And by squeezing Hirooki Goto who can’t wake up, the fire of the man “The Wrestler” Shibata Katsuyori who stands between them can be burned up.


Thinking so, I think KENTA is trying to create a place where both Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata can shine.

KENTA, who has been active in the world at WWE, feels not only for himself but also trying to raise the level of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

If so, deep. My bosom is too deep.


And if this is all about trying to evaluate pro-wrestling Noah indirectly, then Naomichi Marufuji, Kenta Kobashi, and the late Mitsuharu Misawa would be smiling.



I’m a Noah fan too, and my eyes are likely to get hot.

2019年12月3日新日本プロレスHirooki Goto, KENTA, New Japan Pro Wrestling

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