IWGP Junior (WK14) Will Ospreay vs. Takahashi Highlights and Game Results Friends Showdown and “Heavyweight”

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Check out the highlights and results of the Tokyo Dome WK14 featured card, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, to be held at Tokyo Dome on January 4 or 5, 2020.


During the absence period of Hiromu Takahashi, it is important to see if Hiromu Takahashi who missed out from Will Ospreay who grew up strong enough to compete equally with the heavyweight can win the belt, but also in the series after Tokyo Dome I have high expectations.

The keyword is “versus heavyweight”.


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1.4 Tokyo Dome WK14 against IWGP Junior Heavy Will Ospreay vs. Takahashi Hiromu


Wrestle Kingdom 14 (WK14) held at Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2020.


One of the notable cards is Will Ospreay vs. Takahashi Hiromu in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match.


It was also impressive that Hiromu Takahashi, who appeared in the surprise after Ospreay vs. Bushi in Osaka, had fans who shed tears at the venue.


It is a strange character that loses words if he rushes to an iron fence outside himself / herself, takes a passive attitude, or makes a fan who knows nothing, but he felt 200% of Takahashi Hiromuism.

BUSHI who lost the game was also a member of the same Los Ingo Bernabres de Hapon, but it was a form that brought all the delicious places, but rather than feeling regrettable, I warmed up the stage of the return of the allies Is that the place?




The highlight of the game


As mentioned above, Will Ospreay has become much stronger over the past year.


New to memory is Kota Iibushi vs. Will Ospreay in the NEVER indiscriminate championship game at the Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2019.


Kobayashi Iibushi was driven into a concussion by a storm breaker, and Kota Iibushi was sent to the hospital after the match.

It was a game that could be said to have already embodyed the “heavy class" described later.



The highlight of the game is how far Hirohashi Takahashi has returned to the actual condition, but it will be difficult to win only by returning 100% to the original Hirohashi Takahashi. The reason is that, as mentioned above, Will Ospreay has grown a lot this year.


In other words, coming back more than Hirohashi Takahashi before the miss is the shortcut to victory.


This is commented at the press conference at the full opening of Hirohashi Takahashi World.


Will Ospreay vs. Hirohashi Takahashi face off with friends? From now on, heavyweight?

At the signing ceremony for the “THE NEW BEGINING in OSAKA” tournament held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium on February 10, 2018 before the absence, Will Ospreay played against Hiromu Takahashi.


“The chicken that Hirom brought to me was a feast. Actually, we can say that we are friends, but we wish good luck in Osaka, but Hirom who is still lacking ability will not be able to get the belt.”
“No one except my best friend gives me chicken. It ’s delicious.”

<Source: Sports Hochi>

And “friends".


Of course, Will Ospreay belongs to CHAOS, and Hirohashi Takahashi belongs to a different corps than Los Ingo Bernabres de Hapon.


Once upon a time, Speaking of corps struggle at New Japan Pro-Wrestling, such as nWo, Heisei Earthquake Forces, and Makai Club, never collaborated, but if they were collocated, it has been called a historic moment.


The relationship remains the same, and the Suzuki army and Barrett club (especially the heel unit) cannot be reconciled.


However, Will Ospreay has responded to the dramatic declaration of Hiromu Takahashi’s return to Osaka.



“Was delighted"


It is expressed in obedient words as if you were a fan.

This confirms that it is a true “friend" who really recognized their abilities.


In addition, while calling for a fight against “heavy class” even before the battle, their ideals are not limited to the small concept of corps struggle, but they have a high pride that their ideals are the best professional wrestling I understand.


Although it is a “friend" confrontation, it will surely be the best game where all of each other’s abilities were exhausted, not the friendship that was once warm.


Game results



It will be updated after the match.


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