Jushin Thunder Liger Retirement Game I (1.4 Tokyo Dome WK14) Highlights and Game Results.How about participation of Kanamoto, Kashin, and KUSHIDA?

2019年12月7日新日本プロレスJushin Thunder Liger, New Japan Pro Wrestling

The New Japan Pro-Wrestling 1.4 Tokyo Dome (WK14) will feature a retirement game for the Jushin Thunder Liger, the Jushin of anger, a junior symbol.


Check out the highlights and results of the retirement of Jushin Thunder Liger and whether there are Koji Kanamoto, Kashin, and KUSHIDA participating.


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Jushin Thunder Liger retires at the Tokyo Dome



New Japan Pro Wrestling is not only Japan, but also a world-renowned junior player, “Jushin of Angry”, “Jushin of the World”, “Symbol of Junior”, Jushin Thunder Liger will finally retire.


The retirement announcement news was a news that you can feel the size of its existence again, such as being reported in various media and news bulletins.


Jushin Thunder Liger says,


“I debuted at Tokyo Dome in 1989 and retired at Tokyo Dome with the end of Heisei.is not it cool? “


And this kindness with a fierce fighting style on the ring and a gap is one of the charms of the Jushin Thunder Liger.


In New Japan Pro-wrestling where there is no Antonio Kashiwagi or three fighters, isn’t the number one famous?


There is no doubt that this level of prominence exceeds that of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toshiyoshi Makabe.


Here is the retirement interview.




Jushin Thunder Liger retirement game I is too luxurious!The highlights of the 8-person tag match


Here is the retirement match of Jushin Thunder Liger announced by New Japan Pro Wrestling.


★"Jushin Thunder Liger Retirement Match I"
Jushin Thunder Liger & Tatsumi Fujinami (DRADITION) & The Great Sasuke (Michinoku Wrestling) & Tiger Mask with El Samurai (SPORTIVA)
vs Naoki Sano (FREE) & Shinjiro Otani (ZERO1) & Tatsuhito Takaiwa (ZERO1) & Ryusuke Taguchi with Kuniaki Kobayashi.
* Special referee, Nobuo Honaga

<Source: New Japan Pro Wrestling>


First of all, it is legendary and it can be said that the concept of junior heavy was built in Japan.


The Jushin Thunder Liger himself said that he was aiming to become a professional wrestler because he defeated Carlos José Estrada with the unveiled Dragon Suprex at Madison Square Garden in New York.

It is only this word that players will be able to decorate their retirement matches with their longed-for players.


And in the 1990s, there were only words that I missed because Junjiro Otani and Ryuichi Takaiwa, who joined Junior Heavy together, participated.

In addition, El Samurai seems to be accompanied by himself, but will not play a game?


There is no other way but to say that the festival is nominated by Noboru Hoonaga Referee.


Because it is a retirement match, I would like to give victory to the Jushin Thunder Liger, but there is a Jushin in the world who is serious about the game.

The game may be the luck of time.


Also, I’m glad to see The Great Sasuke, who had an impressive first match in the Super J Cup, participated.




There is also a Tiger mask that has been the most tagging since the 2000s and has supported it next to it, and Naoki Sano, a rival of the Jushin Liger era.


Naoki Sano was a big turning point in the life of professional wrestling for Naoki Sano, considering the resumption of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling vs. UWF International in the entire war and the return of Naoki Sano to the world of pure wrestling. Isn’t it?


All the ties with Jushin Thunder Liger are highlights, but what I’m especially hoping for is the “super” different dimension confrontation between Kei Fujinami and Ryusuke Taguchi.


Also watch out for Director Taguchi, who is attacking the dragon with a hip attack.


What about Koji Kanemoto, Kendo Kashin, and KUSHIDA?


So far, the old and new rivals of the Jushin Thunder Liger are all in one place, so there are three more players who really want to be there.


  • Koji Kanamoto
  • Kendo Kashin



These three will not be removed.

Kendo Kashin is currently a coach at the WWE Performance Center in the United States and will be difficult to enter.



KUSHIDA was a player who was entrusted with the New Japan Junior regular army by Jushin Thunder Liger.


Currently, the battlefield has moved to WWE, but recently two shots of the Time Splitters have also been shown.



Kendo Kashin and KUSHIDA are at WWE, so it’s unavoidable that they can’t participate, but Koji Kanamoto has caused an incident, so why didn’t you speak this time? It may be natural to think.




Even if you can’t get into the game, if you show your face to the retirement ceremony, it will be a scene of fan tears.



Reunion with Spell Delphin



Encounter with The Great Sasuke in the Super J Cup was no more stimulating, but in the exchange game with Michinoku Pro Wrestling, there was also a conflict with another male, Spell Delphin.

In the Best of Super Jr championship decision game held at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium on June 13, 1994, the spell that advanced the top to the final by suppressing Black Tiger and Wild Pegasus (which was a tremendous member when thinking now) ・ I can’t forget Delphin VS Jushin Thunder Liger.

Spell Delphin who fought in a costume called “Deluiger”, which was half a Liger, was a game that made the nation know its power (Jushin Thunder Liger won)

Recently, we have also met for a long time.




If such a nostalgic two-shot is shown, the retirement of the Jushin Thunder Liger feels very lonely, but I can’t stop wishing that the rest of the wrestler’s life will be colored.





It will be updated after the match.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling “I love you!"

2019年12月7日新日本プロレスJushin Thunder Liger, New Japan Pro Wrestling

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