New Japan Pro Wrestling World membership and 40% of subscribers are XX! 4 absolute reasons to recommend

2019年11月30日新日本プロレスNew Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling World

Did you know New Japan Pro Wrestling fans and “New Japan Pro Wrestling World” that you have heard a lot recently?

New Japan Pro-Wrestling World is an internet television station that is run jointly by Asahi and TV Asahi, Japan’s professional wrestling male.
Needless to say, the terrestrial broadcast of New Japan Pro Wrestling is “World Pro Wrestling” on TV Asahi,
Now, this New Japan Pro Wrestling World is hot!

It is no exaggeration to say that this New Japan Pro-Wrestling World is a must for professional wrestling fans.


What is New Japan Pro Wrestling World?


TV Asahi “World Pro Wrestling” is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019 since the launch of NET (Nippon Educational Television) on July 2, 1969.


In February 1969, Nippon Pro-Wrestling approached NET director Hiroshi Sakurai, who said, “I want you to stop relaying the new organization by Togo. In April, NTV started a consultation about NET entry permission for Nippon Television, which had been broadcast exclusively on Nippon Professional Wrestling as “Mitsubishi Diamond Hour, Nippon Pro-Wrestling Broadcasting". The game was decided to be the exclusive broadcast on the Nippon Television Wrestling Broadcasting on NTV, and to permit broadcasting on the condition that it should not be broadcast on NET.

・ A game involving both Giant Baba and Seiji Sakaguchi
・ International Heavyweight Championship Match
・ International Tag Championship Match
・ World League Official Game

A broadcast agreement was signed between NET and NTV, and NET was held at the Akasaka Prince Hotel on May 12, 1969.・ Turkey announced that Japan Pro Wrestling will also be broadcast on NET from July 2 of the same year, with the attendance of Director General Sakurai from NET. NET selected Kashiwagi as the main eventer on the program, and it was decided to broadcast mainly Kashiwagi, Oki, and Yoshimura games. As a result, Togo’s new group flagging plan was overlooked.

<Source: English translation of Wikipedia>


Many fans have confirmed that the “50th Anniversary" logo is shining in the World Pro Wrestling broadcast.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has distributed a number of fierce battles that have been broadcast over this long history, and the current performance is distributed live. This is the “Nippon Pro-Wrestling World” (abbreviation: NJPWWORLD).


How to watch New Japan Pro Wrestling World


You don’t need to explain in detail how to watch New Japan Pro Wrestling World.

Once you access the site and complete the membership registration and payment, you will be able to watch from that point.




The devices that can be viewed


  • Smartphone (iOS, Android)
  • Tablet
  • computer


It has become.


In addition, if you have a TV that allows you to watch Internet videos, or a TV that can mirror videos, you will be able to view them on the TV just like the World Pro Wrestling broadcast.

If you complete the membership registration and payment for this New Japan Pro Wrestling World, if you are a Showa Pro Wrestling fan, you will be a fan of Antonio Inoki’s heyday, if you are a fan of my generation, you will be a fan of fighting three Musketeers recently. If you are a fan, it can be said that it is a video distribution service that can be enjoyed in various situations for fans of all generations, such as the original young age of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada.


The absolute reason to recommend New Japan Pro Wrestling World


Why do I recommend joining the New Japan Pro-Wrestling World despite the fact that World Pro Wrestling is being broadcast on the ground?

There is no other reason why I recommend that I am not a new Japanese professional wrestler.

It is as follows.


Changes in the form of performance of New Japan Pro Wrestling

First of all, it may be said that it has been around 5 years ago, but once the big match of New Japan Pro-wrestling was held in the Tokyo Dome, April and October, the Ryogoku Kokugikan Tournament, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. A big match at a large venue was the flow every year.
Nowadays, the players are getting very hot, and there are many players who are getting popular and their skills are getting better.

At the major venues, the title card for ace-class players is established in the attention card, but it is no longer possible to offer the major cards of other attention players at this major venue alone. (Even if it can be provided, it does not become a main or a semi)
The G1 climax, which was once seen only in Tokyo, is now on the national circuit. (Of course, there are other reasons as well.)

The fact that the G1 card can be seen in the region is a joyful change for local fans like me.
The G1 was waiting for the victory of Masahiro Chono as a child.

“I want to enjoy the excitement of the G1 climax someday.”

But now I can enjoy that excitement while staying in the local area.

From a different perspective, this means that games that cannot be broadcast by terrestrial World Pro Wrestling are being played in small local venues.
I don’t think we can do anything as a fan to have a digest of 30 minutes.
In that regard, the new Japan Pro-Wrestling World broadcasts live events not only at large venues but also at local venues.

This is a great service for fans who want to go but don’t get tickets.


Decrease in broadcast programs for New Japan Pro Wrestling

Although linked to the above reasons, I feel that the World Pro Wrestling is only 30 minutes a week.
New Nippon Pro-Wrestling World began broadcasting and distributing video as an Internet TV station, and recently, broadcasts that could be viewed for free on Abema TV have disappeared. (Lost?)
BS Asahi also broadcasts, but it’s hard to wipe off the impression that a general user subscribes to BS for viewing. (In addition, there are overwhelmingly many programs other than professional wrestling)

If you are a true fan, you want to see at least one tournament from the first game to the main event.
There is no doubt that the decline in broadcast programs is helping to join New Japan Pro Wrestling World.


Changes in the video viewing environment

Ordinary fans like me might have searched and watched only the games they wanted to watch on video distribution sites such as YouTube.

Although the image quality is low, I think that I enjoyed it, “I feel so!
Details are unknown, but it is no wonder that New Japan Pro-Wrestling and TV Asahi will have copyright and will be deleted.

I wouldn’t be the only one who searched for “Muto vs. Takada” and “Takada vs. Hashimoto” to see the competition against U-Inter.


Celebrities also recommend

And it is said that the wrestling fan and the new wrestling fan are being dragged into the world (I am saying without permission). Amazon Prime original program “As Arita and Weekly Pro Wrestling”, where Asuka Kuramochi works as MC.
Mr. Arita has talked about this New Japan Pro-Wrestling World many times in this program.

I’m going to touch this program sometime, so I’ll omit it this time, but if you look at this program, you’ll want to subscribe and watch even if you’re not a professional wrestling fan.




New Japan Pro Wrestling has finally announced that it will establish a branch office in the United States.
Antonio Inoki has spoken of “world advancement” several times since his active days, but in fact, more than 40% of the members of New Japan Pro Wrestling World are said to be overseas fans.
In the near future, there may be a day when the world-respected superstar will be Okada Kazuchika, not Ichiro or Kei Honda.