Are the images of Jay White’s “good people” oozing and the Tokyo Dome 2nd round? Is that person the real reason?

2019年11月30日新日本プロレスJay White, New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro-Wrestling, one of the hottest feature cards of the New Year’s big match “1/4, 1.5 Tokyo Dome", IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Inter-Continent double title battle (2 crown battle).


Of the four players, Okada Kazuchika, Ibushi Kota, Naito Tetsuya and Jay White, I would like to pay attention to Jay White.


It has been said that J. White is a “good person” for some time, but I think that it will be a dangerous thing after the Tokyo Dome, and that the reason is the existence of that person.


1 ・ 4, 1 ・ 5 Enthusiastic Jay White in Tokyo Dome 2 crown battle.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Tokyo Dome 2 Battle “Wrestle Kingdom 14" on January 4th and January 5th 2020.


Of course, the hottest cards will be played on January 4th,


    • IWGP Heavyweight Okada Kazuchika vs Kouta Ibushi
  • IWGP InterContinent Jay White vs. Tetsuya Naito


The two great championship matches will be held on the next day 1/5, and the winners will confront each other.

The details of the two-round battle are omitted, but it reflects the results of fan voting. For voting, Tetsuya Naito, who has a bitter experience, can be viewed as a chance to recover from the stigma at that time.

Three players other than Okada Kazuchika want a double crown and are enthusiastic.

The reason why Okada Kazuchika doesn’t want the double crown is shouting at the 11/3 Osaka Games.


“Would you like to do two crowns? Why is it! I have a pride in the IWGP heavyweight fight!”



At the time of the “Rainmaker Shock” in 2012, it was a well-known fact that it was not accepted by fans yet and gradually became known, and now even CHAOS has an almost “regular army” impression.・ Kazuchika players.
It is a feeling of a regular army rather than Masahiro Chono who has protected New Japan Pro Wrestling as a villain. Lol

The expectations of New Japan Pro-wrestling are also carried on the back, and they can understand the enthusiasm of “good person” Okada Kazuchika who completely protects the authority of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and IWGP heavyweight, and is a reliable place as a fan.

However, the fan is selfish and even wants to defeat that Okada Kazuchika. (That’s the flip side of Okada Kazuchika being so strong)

IWGP Inter-Continent Champion Jay White now speaks of his enthusiasm for the second round.


I wonder if the interpreter is strange, but I don’t know well, but in short it means that hungry for perfection is pushing me up.

The beard has grown completely, and the handsome impression when returning to Japan has faded considerably.



Who is the reason why Jay White is so bad after the second crown?



I don’t mean that I’m a fan of Jay White after Tokyo Dome. (I am a regular army fan)

Jay White, who is currently acting as the boss of the Barrett Club, joins CHAOS after returning to Japan and betrayed.
What surprised us above all was the “switch blade shock”.

In the first half of 2019, he defeated Okada Kazuchika and Hiroshi Tanahashi one after another, entering the top front at a stretch and becoming the boss of Barrett’s club where Kenny Omega left.

Even at the opening of World Pro Wrestling, it is mixed with Japanese players, and it is the only foreign player who can confirm its appearance in 4 strongest.

But I admit that I can’t like it yet.
In other words, you may have the strength and the heel way to make you want to skip booing.
Even if I watch TV broadcasts, I still feel that booing is overwhelmingly more than cheering.

Have you seen this situation somewhere?

It ’s very similar to the “Rainmaker Shock” by Okada Kazuchika.
Then, if you become the first two crown champions at Tokyo Dome, 1, 4 and 1, 5 cheering naturally cheering up like Okada Kazuchika’s coming again, you will run up to a big star I am thinking.
Isn’t this dangerous?

Moreover, it was that Gedo that supported both “shock” in the shade.


Maybe Gedo is in control of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling movement.


An image of Jay White’s “good people” oozing


Will J White become a “good person” in the near future if J. White becomes the second crown champion, like Okada Kazuchika, who has become a good person who can’t be pushed?

At least as long as I belong to the current appearance and the Barrett Club, I don’t think I’ll be a very good person, but the former boss Kenny Omega also belongs to the heel unit because of his strength and the fun of the game. However, because it gained popularity, Jay White would have enough qualities.
And the face is good!

Moreover, since I originally started with trainees who joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling, I’m sure there will be attachment to New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
It may seem natural that J. White is coloring the dark eyes on the ring so that Japanese players can play villains when they go abroad, such as WWE.


Jay White ’s Young Lion image


If you look at these images from a young age (although still young), you can see only good people.

If you think that you play your role well on the front and a refreshing smile on the back, you feel like a true professional.

I’m really looking forward to the second round of the Tokyo Dome.



2019年11月30日新日本プロレスJay White, New Japan Pro Wrestling

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